1) To assist Puerto Rico in its recovery efforts, by providing short term and long-term infrastructure help. Connecting public and private entities from Florida to provide materials needed to achieve this.

2) To coordinate assistance with logistical connection regarding disaster supplies to Puerto Rico.

3) To assist evacuees leaving the island with many issues including education, healthcare, documents, and other issues.

4) Create in different regions one stop “service centers using current Response team members for assistance of those relocating to Florida. Service center shall include job placement opportunities from partners.


Our partners include:


Response Team Members

Chair Jose Oliva Rep. Bob Cortes
Rep. Rene Plasencia Rep. David Santiago
Rep. Robert Asencio Rep. Matt Caldwell
Senator Anitere Flores Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez
Senator Victor Torres Senator Oscar Braynon
Rep. Jose Felix Diaz Rep. Mike LaRosa
Rep. Jackie Toledo Rep. Manny Diaz
Rep. Blaise Ingoglia Rep. Amy Mercado
Rep. Mike Miller Rep. Danny Burgess
Rep. Carlos Smith Leader Janet Cruz
Rep. Paul Renner Rep. John Cortes
Rep. Julio Gonzalez Rep. Daisy Baez


Other private sector partners include Waldemar Serrano, Latino Leadership and many more coming soon